Debian Software Packaging

Debian Software Packaging

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Software on Debian Linux is packaged in a deb file format and managed with the dpkg package management system.

In order for software to be installed using dpkg or APT, the software must be packaged as .deb packages.

We offer to package custom software as .deb package so that it is installable using “apt install”.

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Debian Software Repositories

If the software is to be deployed on several systems, it might be beneficial to set up a Debian Repository.

A Debian repository is a software mirror that contains a set of binary or source packages organized in a special structure with various infrastructure and metadata files such as checksums, indices, signatures, descriptions, cryptographic hashes, etc.

Debian systems can connect to the repository and download and install the software packages using the APT package management tool. can help you set up and maintain a Debian Repository for your custom software.

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