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At DebianSupport, we provide a diverse array of advanced Linux-based solutions, perfectly suited for both on-premises and cloud environments. Our approach leverages the best in open-source technology, ensuring robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Below is an overview of some of the key solutions we offer, designed to enhance your IT infrastructure with reliability and efficiency.

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Backup Solutions

Remote Backup Using Restic

Our remote backup solution utilizing Restic offers a secure, efficient, and flexible method for safeguarding your data. Restic is known for its fast performance and strong encryption, ensuring that your backups are both quick to execute and safe from unauthorized access.

Features and Benefits:

Secure your data with our advanced backup solutions. Contact us to learn more about our backup services.

File Server Solutions

NFS File Server

Our NFS file server solutions are designed to provide a high-performance, scalable, and realiable network file system, ideal for environments where file sharing is critical.

Features and Benefits:

Enhance your file sharing capabilities with NFS. Contact us to learn more about our NFS solutions.

Samba File Server

Our Samba file server solutions offer excellent compatibility and performance, making it easy to share files across diverse operating systems within a network including Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Features and Benefits:

Simplify file sharing across platforms with Samba. Contact us to learn more about Samba solutions.

Firewalls and Network Management

Firewall Using pfSense

Our pfSense firewall solutions provide comprehensive network protection with advanced features to ensure the security and reliability of your network infrastructure.

Features and Benefits:

Fortify your network with pfSense. Contact us for a quote on pfSense solutions.

DHCP Server

Our DHCP server solutions ensure efficient and automated IP address management, streamlining network administration.

Features and Benefits:

Streamline your network with our DHCP solutions. Contact us to for a quote.

DNS Server

Our DNS server solutions provide reliable and secure domain name resolution, critical for the smooth functioning of internet services.

Features and Benefits:

Optimize your network with our DNS solutions. Contact us for pricing.

Office Network Server

Our comprehensive office network server solutions integrate DHCP, DNS, and firewall capabilities, providing a complete network management solution.

Features and Benefits:

Simplify your office network management. Contact us for pricing.

VPN Server Using WireGuard

Our VPN solutions using WireGuard offer secure, high-performance virtual private networking, ensuring safe remote access to your network.

Features and Benefits:

Secure remote access with WireGuard VPN. Contact us for pricing.

Pi-hole Security and Privacy DNS Server

Our Pi-hole solutions provide enhanced security and privacy by blocking ads and malware at the DNS level, improving network performance and user experience.

Features and Benefits:

Enhance your network’s security and privacy. Contact us to learn more about Pi-hole solutions.

Job Scheduling and Automation

Automated Task Management with Cron, ATD, and Apache Airflow

Efficient task scheduling is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and improving productivity. Our solutions offer a range of tools to automate tasks, ensuring your processes run seamlessly and on time.

Features and Benefits:

Automate and streamline your processes with our scheduling solutions. Contact us for more details.

Debian Package Management & Repository Solutions

Optimize software distribution and management with our custom APT repository and local Debian mirror solutions, ensuring faster updates and improved package availability.

Custom Apt Repositories

Local Debian Mirrors

Improve your package management with our repository solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Mail Server Solutions

Ensure reliable, flexible and secure email communication with our comprehensive mail server solutions.


Postfix MTA



Secure and streamline your email with our mail server solutions. Get started today.

Web and Application Servers

Host your web applications with confidence using our comprehensive web server solutions, tailored to provide flexibility, performance, and reliability.

Apache Webserver

Nginx Webserver

LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP)

Enhance your web hosting capabilities with our server solutions. Contact us to get started today.

Database Server Solutions

Manage your data efficiently and securely with our comprehensive database server solutions, tailored to meet the demands of modern applications.

PostgreSQL Server

MariaDB / MySQL

Optimize your data management with our database solutions. Get in touch for a consultation.

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